The Provincial Federation of Associations of Employers of the Construction of Cádiz (FAEC) is incorporated under the law of association of April 1, 1977 and consists, in turn, by two associations concerned each with two main lines of activity in the sector, construction and promotion.


So, on one hand, the Provincial Association of Construction and Public Works (APECOP) that, within the FAEC, holds the representation and defense of the general interests of the builders of Cadiz, and the other, Association of Real Estate of Cádiz (ASPRICA) with identical objectives, in this case for promoters of Cadiz.


It is structured each in a Board composed of President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and a certain number of members.


Has finally FAEC with its own board of directors, with a President, two Vice-Presidents (positions held by the Presidents of the previous Asociciones) and vowels that are members of the boards of these associations.


According to its statutes, they may belong to the FAEC (through assignment to either associations that form, or both) the construction companies and developers to perform complementary activities and construction trades, provided their headquarters or activity is in the province.


The primary objective of FAEC is therefore the representation and defense of the general interests of builders and developers of Cadiz as well as providing general advice in the various fields of management of enterprises.


This general principle, it should fit it into five major lines of action:


1- Institutional representation before government and other bodies and the public, either generally for the group of companies that make up the Federation, or in defense of interests of partners that require the participation of this entity as a mediator in any particular matter.


2- achieve maximum implementation, which will increase its legitimacy as a representative of the sector to its natural partners. To do this keeps the Federation presence in different forums as well as conducts different kinds.


3. The advice to its members, through a continuous stream of relevant information and realization of EU initiatives to improve the conditions of the Sector. In this regard, the circular should outline constantly refer to few rules, activities and orientations can be helpful for members to opinions, publications and work on issues of importance to the construction or edited promotion is facilitated, constituting a constant flow of information, useful for the management of the company in its various spheres. Similarly, for the management of more accurate and specific consultations of our partners, our advisors serving entity telephone or in person at our offices. Federation pays tax advice, labor, administrative litigation, etc ...


4- Negotiate the APECOP Sector Convention and agreements with autonomous sub-performing relevant economic studies on time, they are sent to partners.


5- Spokesman Sector. So, APECOP and ASPRICA, must be central opinion, expressing his point of view and suggesting alternatives to the various problems that arise. It also has to be a meeting and debate. So, allow partners to have a direct and friendly contact with officials of the government and experts in the areas of interest from builders and promoters (by holding seminars, workshops, conferences, etc ...)


APECOP and ASPRICA, plus integrated into the Provincial Federation, as has been said, are part of the Andalusian Federation of Employers of the Construction (FADECO) in its different sections of Builders and Developers. Through it connects with the National Construction Confederation (CNC) and the CEOE